Spätzle is Germany’s Most Instagrammable Dish

From simple, tasty looking street food to a perfectly presented restaurant dish, sharing pictures of food on Instagram has almost become a ritual for some of us – even if it risks our meal getting cold!

With this in mind, Thuisbezorgd.nl applied their food expertise to discover which German food staples are most popular on the Instagram feeds of foodies by finding the total hashtag count for each dish.

What are the most Instagrammable German dishes?
(Number of Instagram hashtags)

1. Spätzle: 132.721

2. Kartoffelsalat: 95.451

3. Rouladen: 44.721

4. Käsespätzle: 40.162

5. Schweinebraten: 39.904

6. Kassler: 36.702

7. Leberkäse: 31.164

8. Kartoffelsuppe: 27.735

9. Sauerbraten: 19.462

10. Spanferkel: 16.689

In first place, Spätzle is the most popular German dish on Instagram.
The famous Swabian noodle dumplings have received a whopping 132,721 hashtags on Instagram to date – almost 7 times more than Sauerbraten which comes in ninth place!

Next on the list is another Swabian dish, kartoffelsalat. The 95,451 hashtags that this traditional potato salad receives proves it has conquered not only German’s palate but also the hearts of Instagrammers.

Rouladen places third on the list. The sliced beef rolls usually stuffed with bacon, onions, pickles and covered with a generous helping of mustard are not only mouth-watering but also a feast for the eyes as it has 44,721 hashtags on the ‘Gram.

Spanferkel makes the top ten!

Spanferkel did just enough to take the last spot on the top ten list. The popular festive roasted suckling pig is a staple and has received 16,689 hashtags to date.

The most Instagrammable dishes per continent

The study revealed that pizza is the most Instagrammable food in Europe with an impressive 86,380,378 hashtags to date. The versatile nature of pizza toppings means that every culture can put their own twist on the classic.

45,136,853 hashtags place sushi behind pizza in the world rankings and at the top of the list in Asia. Jumping across the Indian Ocean to Africa, the street food shawarma (1,158,451 hashtags) is the most Instagrammable dish in the region.

In North America, burgers are the most popular dish with 33,054,250 hashtags. In South America, asado is the most Instagrammable dish. This feast of various meats grilled to perfection over fuego lento has received a whopping 3,004,784 hashtags to date.

On the opposite side of the globe in Oceania, the Australian classic meat pie claims the top spot with 266,868 hashtags to date.

Please refer to the table for the top ten German foods. This research is part of a larger study into the most Instagrammable dishes around the world.

I have attached two graphics for editorial use. High-resolution images of some dishes mentioned in this study can be found in this OneDrive document. If you would like to use them, we just ask that the appropriate copyright is included.

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  1. Thuisbezorgd.nl’s research sought to determine the most popular and widespread cuisines on Instagram worldwide. The study considered upwards of 12,000 dishes representing over 180 distinct countries.
  2. The dishes contained in our dataset cover a breadth of global cuisines that are representative of local, regional, and national food choices. The obtained dataset was sourced from TasteAtlas.com, a centralised repository of global cuisines.
  3. To focus our research, only the most distinguished dishes from our dataset were selected for further analysis. A national popularity index calculated by TasteAtlas.com was relied upon for selecting the dishes. The resulting sample consisted of the ten most popular dishes for 187 countries, including Germany.
  4. Total Instagram hashtag counts were obtained for each of the dishes contained within our sample. Special consideration was given to the selection of hashtags used for each dish. Where appropriate, variations and translations of each hashtag were also considered.
  5. The resulting dataset was utilised to produce a table displaying the total Instagram hashtag count per dish. A subsequent table displaying the most ‘hashtagged’ dish per country was also produced. The aforementioned tables reveal the most popular dishes on Instagram, thereby concluding our study.

Quelle: Journalistic.org

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