Changing Behaviour

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These evidence-based resources support dietitians and other health professionals with using behaviour change techniques in practice. Developed out of a unique collaboration between researchers, dietitians, science communicators and web developers, the resources bridge the gap between the theory and practice of behaviour change to equip health professionals with the knowledge needed to enable healthy, sustainable behaviour change.

The resources include practical information and illustrative videos on a number of behaviour change techniques relevant to dietetic practice. The techniques demonstrated here were selected and evaluated by European dietitians to meet the needs of routine dietetic practice.

How to use these resources?

The tutorial videos and accompanying commentary provide guidance, with examples on how behaviour change can be applied in practice. The selection of behaviour change techniques included within the resources is by no means complete, and techniques may be applied in various ways and be ‘personalised’ by the dietitian to best meet client needs. These resources do not intend to replace formal education on behaviour change counselling. They are meant to alert dietitians to the use of behavioural change counselling, so that they are motivated to engage with the extensive literature on behaviour change and to undertake training to develop their competence in this area.

Demonstrational videos

The various behaviour change techniques are demonstrated in four different scenarios of nutrition counselling sessions. You can find the full sessions and background information on the clients on the videos page. Short clips, taken from the full videos, show how the different techniques can be applied. The dietitians in the videos are actual dietitians who currently see clients in practice.

  • Using Behaviour Change in practice
  • Behaviour Change Techniques
  • Full video tutorials

Quelle: EFAD The Voice of European Dietitians

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